Unable to login AOL on Apple

AOL desktop is not just available for Windows, they have also kept in mind the needs and requirements of the Mac users as well. All sorts of features that they provide to the Windows users, they provide it to the Apple users as well. Though AOL technical support number is present on their websites I doubt that you will land into a situation where you will be using it. AOL email is a free emailing portal that gives the much-needed speed and security to your internet surfing experience.


The company Verizon Communications has invented and launched this product that has created many happy users worldwide. Not to brag but it is true that you will always be assisted through the problems you face while using, downloading, and installing this application. And talking about issues, one of the issues that the people using this software commonly face is the issue of logging in. Now this problem is, on one hand, on the other hand, the solutions to fixing this problem are listed below. You can follow this:


  • The first and foremost thing that you can do is to check the internet connection that you are using. At times when you are using a slow internet connection, users might face the login problem. So it is better to check the Wi-Fi connection or the internet you are using. Connect to a high-speed network to get the best experience of using the software.


  • Now if you are one of those who forget their ID’s and passwords then write it down somewhere because a wrong credential can force you out of using AOL. Moreover, like the other email providers, the AOL desktop is also case sensitive, so do not neglect the way you have inputted the credentials. You will have to punch the email ID and password in the same way as you have done it in the beginning.


  • Now sometimes it can happen that everything you have done is right except the apple device you are using. Yes, I am not joking. So also double check that the device is working just fine. If not then restart it and retry to log in.
  • One more way to sort this problem in to delete the AOL account from your device and then add it again in it. Once you do this, you might be able to log in now.


If all these tricks don’t work fine then you know what to do, contact a technician for help using the AOL tech support number


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